Decreased evidence acquisition time

Data transfer between 2 servers in the same cloud is extremely fast so the evidence transfer time between the compromised server and forensics server will be reduced. This will help speed up the forensics process and the quicker the security forensics process can be done, the quicker the server can be back up and running


Security measures are going to be cheaper when implemented on a large scale. The same amount of investment could buy better security protection such as packet filtering, patch management and the hardening of virtual machine instances for example.

Reduced physical data leakage

There are many ways internal data can be leaked through physical means, loss of company thumb-drives, laptops and backup disks all contribute to this. With cloud computing, we are able to avoid this problem because data is now stored in the cloud away from the physical devices.

Monitoring benefits

With centralized storage, it is easier to control and monitor. It is both easier and cheaper to implement security controls on centralized data than for individual clients because there is only place where targeted attacks can happen. The resources can then be reallocated quickly for filtering, traffic controlling, verification, encryption and other security measures and this will improve resilience against security threats

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